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Dianne Carroll Burdick/Courtesy of Waterfront Film Festival

This year’s Waterfront Film Festival in South Haven has been canceled. But movie fans can still see Waterfront films at Artprize in Grand Rapids this September during a new Artprize event called Artprize On Screen. This is Waterfront’s second move since it started in Saugatuck more than 16 years ago.

Courtesy Kalamazoo Institute of Arts

Seventy years ago, Nina Belle Ward was a big deal in Kalamazoo. Ward was one of the founders of the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts back in 1924, and she served as the museum’s first and only teacher for nearly two decades. But once Ward passed away in 1944, her works were spread out across the country. Now, with the help of one of Ward’s relatives, the KIA has reconstructed her legacy in a brand new exhibit, called "Rediscovering Nina Belle Ward."

Photograph via Adam Fagen (Flickr)

Most people in West Michigan know that when it comes to craft beer, we’re pretty lucky. But on the national level, there’s a dark side to the craft boom. Some see the industry as very much a boys’ club, meaning women in craft brewing  have to deal with female stereotypes and stigmas every day.

Journeyman by Matt Weaver

Low-budget films are often the butt of jokes in today’s movie industry, but on May 15th, filmmakers from the Midwest and a few international artists will attempt to change that. 

How long has it been since we last saw Max Rockatansky, a.k.a. Mad Max, on the big screen? Let's see: Ronald Reagan was President, desktop publishing was considered cutting-edge technology and Madonna was going on tour for the first time.