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Rebecca Thiele, WMUK

Coughing - the bane of the live, classical recording. No matter what you do, if you pack hundreds of people into a quiet room - someone is bound to cough. 

Two Michigan Cities Hold Houdini Seances

Dec 15, 2016
Local magicians and magic fans sat around a shrine to Houdini during the seance. The metal container in the middle is a milk can Houdini used in a few of his tricks.
Rebecca Thiele, WMUK

This past Halloween, two cities in Michigan both held séances to try to conjure the spirit of the famous magician Harry Houdini on the 90th anniversary of his death. The city of Colon’s séance was held during a comedy magic show. The one in Marshall was at the local magic museum. WMUK's Adia Robbins went there to check it out:

The old fire house at the corner of Douglas Avenue and North Street. Click through the slideshow to see pictures of the newly remodeled Station 5.
Rebecca Thiele, WMUK

After sitting vacant for about four years, the old Douglas fire house in Kalamazoo has undergone a $156,000 renovation to become a new community center. The station, at the corner of Douglas Avenue and North Street, was built in 1908 - back when fire trucks were pulled by horse teams. 

courtesy of Dezert Eez

How do you make fast friends with one of the most influential hip hop groups of all time? You’d have to ask the Kalamazoo trio Dezert Eez. The group will perform Saturday, December 10 at Bell’s Brewery at 9 p.m.

A blueberry bush at Pleasant Hill Farm
Joan Donaldson

Joan Donaldson and her husband own Pleasant Hill Farm in Fennville. She writes about life as an organic farmer. 

Over the years that my husband, John and I have farmed organic fruit, we’ve experimented with introducing various beneficial insects to our crops. Boxes with screens have arrived where thousands of lady bugs’ legs crawled across the wire mesh.