Between The Lines

WMUK's weekly show on the literary community in Southwest Michigan. Between The Lines airs on Tuesdays at 7:50 a.m., 11:50 a.m., and 4:20 p.m.

Amy L. Johnson

Too often it's only after a loved one dies that the next generation discovers the secrets they kept when they were alive. Amy L. Johnson, a graphic designer from Grand Rapids, learned about her grandfather’s closest relationship only after he was gone. What she found were boxes of letters, some hand written in beautiful cursive, others done on a typewriter. They became Letters Lost Then Found: A Conversation Between Two Brothers, 1942 - 1945 (Splattered Ink Press, 2016).

Mary Whalen

Words hold magic for Daneen Wardrop. They seed light and life. The professor of English at Western Michigan University is the author of seven books, three of which are poetry. Her newest collection, Life as It (Ashland Poetry Press, 2016), won the Richard Snyder Publication Prize in 2015 and the Gold IPPY Award in Poetry in 2017.

Alex Raths / iStock Photo

When it’s time for WrestleMania, you’ll find Daniel Mancilla glued to the television, watching the fight. And when he’s glued to the keyboard, some of those bigger-than-life characters find their way into his stories. A Sou’wester Award finalist for his novel-in-stories, All the Proud Fathers (Dock Street Press, 2017), Mancilla received his doctoral degree in creative writing from Western Michigan University.

Lynne Sladky / AP Photo

Few topics today get people as fired up as immigration and refugees. Whatever side of the fence you're on, there’s likely a neighbor on the other side, a neighbor you may or may not know. In the new Immigration & Justice for Our Neighbors Anthology (Celery City Books, 2016), Jennifer Clark and Miriam Downey wanted to make the unknown a little more familiar.

Kaitlin L. Martin

The Kalamazoo Poetry Festival celebrates its fourth year of poetry readings, workshops, and panel discussions, April 28-29. This year's featured poet is Pulitzer finalist and Kalamazoo College professor Diane Seuss.