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On WestSouthwest, a broadcast journalist comes to Kalamazoo this month to discuss what it means to be a descendent of Thomas Jefferson and slave Sally Hemmings. And we get the latest report on campaign fundraising and spending in Michigan.

Courtesy photo | Shannon LaNier

When Shannon LaNier was a boy, he told his classmates that President Thomas Jefferson was his great grandfather. His teacher didn't see how that was possible--LaNier looks black. She instructed him to stop lying. Today, he says, DNA and other evidence supports the story that had been passed down in his family of its connection to Jefferson and enslaved woman Sally Hemings. LaNier speaks in Kalamazoo on Feb. 27.

File photo of Recount of Kalamazoo County State Senate Race in 2014

Two state Senate races in Southwest Michigan are among those attracting large amounts of campaign contributions. One for a Republican primary and one for a general election rematch of the closest and most expensive state Senate race four years ago.


David Benac says Democrats won’t have more money than Republican Congressman Fred Upton this fall, and he says the party won’t win the Congressional seat by finding the most moderate candidate.

Branislav Ondrasik / Wikimedia Commons

Former state House Speaker Chuck Perricone says perception is reality in politics and in any crisis. He says that’s why Michigan State University trustees should step aside – at least for now.