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On this Thanksgiving edition of WestSouthwest, we rebroadcast two interviews heard previously on the program. StoryCorps founder Dave Isay and writer, actor and Marine Veteran Benjamin Busch. 


On WestSouthwest, a Western Michigan University Professor explains the complexity of "tax inversions." And an author explains why he thinks Israel's current course is "not sustainable." 

James Emery, Wikimedia Commons

“I wish it had never happened … that there was no Israeli state.” 

Perrigo/Wikimedia Commons

Lately, more and more West Michigan companies are looking at leaving West Michigan. Not physically – their buildings and factories are still here. But through a legal loophole called a “tax inversion,” businesses can merge with or purchase an overseas company and move their headquarters to a place like Ireland or the Netherlands, where business taxes are far lower than the United States. In just the past few years, Perrigo, Stryker and Pfizer have all talked about (or actually pursued) a tax inversion. Western Michigan University international finance professor Christopher Korth says these moves aren't good for the country, but unless we change our tax code, tax inversions won't stop.

Gregory Varnum, Wikimedia Commons

On WestSouthwest, criticism of Michigan's Department of Natural Resources. And an activist explains how "collective liberation" can combat racism and sexism.