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If closer races for Congress and the state Legislature are the goal, then California may hold some lessons in how district boundaries are drawn. Bridge examined California’s system, which is similar to one proposed for Michigan. 


On WestSouthwest, a new campaign to end stigmatizing people due to mental illness, developmental disabilities and addiction. And a journalist and author discusses how the government can use economic forces to address climate change.

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Journalist and author Christian Parenti says what American capitalism needs is a new round of “creative destruction” and investment. He says making those investments in renewable energy would help the economy and mitigate the impact of climate change.

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Kalamazoo WRAPS Project Director Michelle Houtrow says organizers wanted to launch an anti-stigma campaign, but after meeting with focus groups decided to call it a stigma free campaign.


On WestSouthwest, the 500th anniversary of the Reformation is marked on Sunday in Kalamazoo with an event to bring Catholics and Protestants together. And how NAFTA helped create more migration from Mexico to the United States.